Sunday, December 24, 2006

Second Group of Vikings

I'm trying to clear my shelf so I can lay out the Romans as they are finished. Here is my first unit of Bondi all based up. They are mostly Artizan with a few Gripping Beast. I've got about 700 points of Vikings done now but can't see when I am going to do any others for a while. .

Friday, December 22, 2006

First Andalusians

I've always wanted to have a go at some Reconquista armies and I bought these Artizan crossbowmen as we were doing a game at the club. Unfortunately, I was ill again so couldn't make it. This was doubly annoying as I had painted them all in one week. They were lovely to paint and I will definitely get some more once all the Romans are dealt with. I need some Moors to pitch against my Carolingians but don't know enough about them to know if the ones from 200 years earlier looked the same. Obviously they wouldn't have had crossbows. I am not sure when the helmets with nasal pieces came in. I'll have to do some more research.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dark Age Comparison

Following a post on TMP here is a picture of (l to r): Foundry Viking, Artizan Viking, Renegade Anglo Saxon, Crusader Byzantine and Crusader Irishman.

To be fair I don't own any Crusader Anglo Saxons but that was because they looked rather small compared with the Foundry and Artizan Vikings I had. Maybe I will get a pack to see. As you can see the Byzantine figure is much shorter than the Irish figure. If the Anglo Saxons are similar they wouldn't be compatible with Renegade's at all for me.

Friday, December 08, 2006

First Unit of Vikings

It's not really. These Gripping Beast Vikings are the first 28mm metal figures I bought, about five years ago. I have since switched to Artizan and Foundry but I recently re-based these and there are a couple of Foundry Vikings in there. The painting isn't that great but I tidied them up a bit. Nice Little Big Men banner helps a lot.

It makes a nice big tough WAB unit but it's over 400 points. Should be tough though! I've decided to build a Danish Viking Army from Shieldwall so I can pitch it against my Carolingians.

All the Dark Age stuff is on hold, though, while I get my Roman Army done for the SOA Battle Day in May.