Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dark Age Irish

I decided to finish my first Crusader Dark Age Irish figure, which I had used in the comparison photo below. So here he is. The spear is cast on and is much bigger than the brass ones I am using now. The problem with the WAB Irish army is that the individual troops' points values are so small you need bucket loads of them for an army. Eventually he will be desitned to take on some Vikings.

Dark Ages Size Comparison

Left to Right: Musketeer Early Saxon, Artizan Viking, Gripping Beast Early German, Foundry Viking, Crusader Dark Age Irish.
I am very fussy about mixing different manufacturers but all of these are fine. Two comments: The Musketeer characters are a bit bigger than the rank and file troops (in the case of the General and Standard bearer quite a bit bigger but as the head and hands etc are all the same size it just means that they are big strapping chaps). Secondly, I have always found the Crusader Dark Ages stuff a bit smaller than the other manufacturers but proportion wise and head size wise they are compatible.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Duguth Standard Bearer

This is the Musketeer Miniatures Duguth Standard bearer with Little Big Men standard. I've now got 15 figures painted for the first Duguth Unit but won't put it up until I finish the next five figures which will complete an initial basic unit of 20 figures. Probably I need bigger units than that but 20 figures seems to be the WAB Dark Ages standard at Guildford so it's a good start.
The main thing is that I have painted 16 figures in a month which shows I enjoy working on them. I have now ordered some more officers and some Gedriht. Musketeer have recently issued some missile armed skirmishers which don't seem to have been employed a lot historically but they only cost four points each and I have found slingers can be quite effective in WAB as they get two shots if they don't move.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Early Saxon Army Standard Bearer

Here is the army standard bearer. Musketeer Miniatures with Little Big Men flag and shield transfer (actually a Varangian one). I decided to give him a big shield as he is a big chap, towering over the Duguth. Also at 113 points he is worth more than the other 10 figures I have painted! This is my first attempt at mounting a LBM flag on a foil (tomato puree tube) backing rather than paper but it was worth the extra effort.

There really should be a prize for Steve at LBM for transforming Ancient and Dark Ages wargaming with his beautiful shield transfers and banners.

Maybe some of the banners are a little too splendid for a grungy Dark Age army; this one is gorgeous: It's so gold and scarlet that if it was a girl it would be Scarlett Johansson!

See the similarity! Gold! Scarlet! Full bodied! Would look nice on a pole! Maybe I've had too much Wolf Blass Chardonnay this evening!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

More Early Saxons

I finished another five Musketeer Early Saxons today and have nearly finished the Army Standard Bearer (probably tomorrow). I've now painted ten figures for my first Duguth unit and they certainly pass the "don't get bored painting them" test. This is just as well as this lot amount to a paltry 85 points.

I don't seem to have enough bucklers for the figures I have got, however, so will order some more I think. Don't know if I lost them or if they weren't included in the last packs I bought (which I suspect). Never mind, the bucklers will be useful to enable me to put some Gripping Beast Early Germans (of which I have quite a lot) in to bulk up the units.