Sunday, September 23, 2007

Musketeer Early Saxons

I finished my first group of Musketeer Minaitures' early Saxons at the weekend. They are lovely to paint and suitably barbaric looking. These are Duguth, experienced warriors. Spears are Perry.
I notice that Gripping Beast have just released some Early Saxons as well (thanks to the Age of Arthur WAB supplement) so I will get some of them to see how they look.
Gripping Beast produce some Arthurian Romano British and Welsh types very much modelled on Bernard Cornwell's excellent Arthurian trilogy but for Saxons you had to use early Germanics.
Now we seem to be getting some proper historical figures too with the new trendy bucklers. Hopefully the two ranges will be compatible: certainly the Germans worked with the Musketeer figures (see post below) so I am quite hopeful!

The next five are based up and ready to go..

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