Thursday, November 25, 2010

Conquest Games Plastic Normans: 1

I picked up a box of these at Warfare last weekend. It wasn't really an impluse buy as I have been steadily painting small groups of Crusader Normans for some time. I'm usually not too bothered about the price differential between plastic and metal but for a Norman army, where you need a lot of cavalry, 12 figures for £18 looks pretty good compared with the Crusader cost of £34 for the same number of figures.

I hope to assemble some at the weekend but first thought I would see what is in the box. The box itself is servicable (certainly not up to Immortal standards!) but, not that it really matters, the cover painting is a bit weak. The back of the box shows some painted figures done with the dreaded Army Painter but at least it gives me a target!

Inside there are four sprues of figures (three identical rank and file and one command) plus a sprue of bases.

The bases are 2.5 cm x 5cm for the four singles and 5cm x 5cm for the six doubles (so you get enough bases for 16 mounted figures). One of the double bases would take the casualty figure as well. I use just this size for my bases but never have multiple figure stands (partly because I don't like them and partly because I base my figures first and then paint them - with multi figure stands you need to paint first and then base). I probably won't use the double bases.

Standard Sprue

The standard sprue contains:

Four bodies (without legs). Three in chainmail (two identical) and one unarmoured. All with integral saddles.

Six horse halves. Three left, three right of which there are two of each half with one other; meaning two designs of left and two of right -this would make it possible to build four different horses as each half fits with any other.

Three different horses heads. This gives, then, the opportunity to build 12 different horses, given the four different horses.

Six different helmeted heads. Four with chainmail coifs, one with a cloth coif and one with no coif. So you have choices for the four bodies.

Three kite shields. Two have arms attached. None of them have shield bosses (unlike the Crusader ones)

Three round shields. Two have arms attached. All have shield bosses.

Three right arms holding spears. Two overarm grip, one underarm.

Three right arms holding swords.

One right arm with an open hand.

One left arm. For attaching to a shield.

Command Sprue

This is largely identicl to the standard sprue as regards horses, weapons and shields. However the top section is different and contains:

A one part casting of a fallen knight on a dead horse.

Three bodies. Two identical in quilted armour and one in scale armour.

One head (identical to one on the main sprue).

One right arm holding a lance with a pennon.

One right arm holding a horn.

One right arm holding a club.

One sword.

I have to say that they have really thought about the contents of these sprues. Apart from the fact that you can field twelve different horses you also have the option to field 12 figures in mail as well as having some other non-armoured or different armour options. Also you can give evryone a lance if you wish and everyone either a kite of round shield. Too often you find that there aren't enough components to equip your troops in a uniform way (Warlord Games celts spring to mind). If you are building a big unit you also have enough components to just build rank and file troops as you have enough bodies that you don't need to use the command figure components.

Next time I will assemble a figure, look at the quality and see how it compares with my Crusader ones. So far, however, I am impressed!

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