Saturday, September 03, 2011

Another Carolingian Knight

The file box I keep my Normans in also contains my very small collection of painted Carolingians from Artizan. I noticed that I had painted five mounted figures so knew there was another one around somewhere.  After a bit of digging around in my "Dark Ages under way" box I found him and finished him off today. Like their successors, the Normans, the Carolingians need a lot of heavy cavalry. Artizan make one more pack of heavy cavalry and I just realised that it is Colours at Newbury next week so maybe I will be able to find it there.

All my Carolingian milites so far

Carolingians had distinctive winged spears so I use the Gripping Beast cast spears, drill a hole in it and insert a cross-piece from thinner brass rod.  A bit of a fiddle but worth it, I think.  Like all Artizan figures that I have bought they are very nice to paint and so if I find them I will probably put them in the pile of Normans I have underway at present.  I think I may have some more infantry somewhere too. 

Artwork for The Song of Roland from Look and Learn, 1971

Key opponents for the Carolingians, from my point of view, were Vikings and Spanish Moors although I am not certain of the differences between the uniforms and equipment of the 11th century and the 9th century for the latter armies.  When, for example did the helmet with the nasal piece appear in Europe?  I first became aware of the Carolingians from a picture series in Look and Learn magazine depicting The Song of Roland.  They are an unusual and distinctive Dark Ages army and, like the Normans, I will continue to work away at them.

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