Saturday, December 27, 2008

Norman Archers

Baguettes at ze ready!

I finished the pack of Crusader Normans I bought at Warfare last month. They didn't take too long, about two days all in all. The bows are a bit hefty and I probably should have replaced them with the Gripping Beast ones, which are more in scale, but I couldn't be bothered!

I'm looking to do William's Army for Hastings and although we don't have any details of the exact number and composition of his army I am going to follow the Osprey by Christopher Gravett where he estimates 1,500 archers. I'm going to do these armies at a ratio of 1/50 so that will give a total of 30 figures altogether. Crusader also do archers in armour (there are a few illustrated on the Bayeaux tapestry) so I will buy one pack of those and two more of unarmoured archers.

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