Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dark Ages Size Comparison 2

Left to right: Early GB Viking, 2nd incarnation GB Viking, 3rd incarnation GB Viking, Artizan Viking, Crusader Norman, Foundry Viking, 4th Incarnation GB Viking.

The one on the right is a character (Harald Hardrada) who was a strapping chap so you would expect a bigger figure but he is 32mm foot to eye.


Andrew said...

are the rest of the range that big also? How do you know if a figure is 4th or 3rd incarnation - have to ask as thinking of raising a little viking army.

Giles said...

Interesting - I hadn't appreciated either the small size of the Crusader figures or the large size of the Harald Hardrada. My vikings are largely Foundry/Artizan, with some of the earlier Perry vikings sculpts. Somewhere I have an unpainted GB Jomsvikings regiment.