Friday, February 13, 2015

More Carolingians!

Well, I had a good look through the lead pile and found the missing Carolingians.  The result is good news and bad news for my Lion Rampant retinue.  I discovered four unarmoured infantry who I had started so, with the eight I had already painted, that is enough for my unit of infantry.  Unfortunately, I also found a number of armoured infantry who have no place in my army as proposed but some alternatives will be necessary no doubt, with some armoured infantry being useful in going up against Vikings, for example.  

I also discovered six based cavalry and another pack of cavalry but they are all heavy cavalry not the light ones I need.  Nevertheless an alternative heavy unit may be useful and will enable me to make Charlemagne's paladins (more of whom shortly).  Also amongst these was Charlemagne himself.  I then discovered an identical Charlemagne pack so I can put these on eBay to help fund the 12 light Cavalry I will need.  There were no more archers so I will need to buy four more packs of these.

While searching for these I also found two Andalusian spearmen which means there must be another two in the relevant box somewhere.  But given it is also full of Normans, Early Saxons and Mid Saxons it may take some time to locate.  An El Cid force is now also a possibility, although I haven't got any figures for that yet.  I need to get rid of some more first!

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